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A Centralized Tender Information Management System running on the internet, allowing owners and bidders an environment to source for and bid for business opportunities

Full range of tenders from Government, Semi-Government and Private Owners

Relevant and filtered tender notices distributed to bidders for efficient selection

Education and Resources to 'enhance' bidders competitiveness & efficiency.



Tenderdirect.com.my -- consists of three central platforms -- for Owners, for Contractors and for Government system collections, processes and distribution tender information, to make up the National Tendering System under the e-government flagship.

TenderDirect for Owner

• Lower dissemination cost for tender   information
• Wider reach to potiential Bidders from all   over Malaysia
• Accurate statistics and Information   Management System

TenderDirect for Contractor

• Access to wider range and quality of   tender offers
• Lower cost of accessing notices
• Access to reports and statistics for better   planning and decision making
• Efficient Bid/Tender success ratio
TenderDirect for Government

• Ensuring a level playing field
• Increased competitiveness, reduced cost/development -   more   bids
• Increase in transparency and accountability
• Access to more accurate statistics from a national level
• Better decision and planning tools


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