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A. Tender Information Management System (TIMS)    B. Tender Document Management System (TDMS)
  Tender Advertising Engine (TIMS-TAE)     Tender Document Databank (TDMS-TDD)
    This module comprises systems, methods and processes involved in the collection of tender notices from issuers or Owners.       This is the centralized 'repository' of tender documentation. It will cater to data in the multiple formats and provide for efficient storage and manipulation.
Tender Processing Engine (TIMS-TPE)
Verification and Security Module (TDMS-VSM)
    This is the 'central core' of the system and is responsible for the processing, filtering and classification of tender advertisement information.     The most critical part of the entire system, is the verification module which handles issues of identity, verification and authentication of users . It will use recognized digital certification and verification methods with public key encryption certificates.
Tender Announcement System (TIMS-TAS)

Tender Document Retrieval (TDMS-TDR)
    This is the 'front-end' of the system and handles the distribution of final information to contractors by multiple means of broadcast.     This module handles the appropriate classification and dissemination of the tender documentation based on predetermined rules and procedures.
Tender Monitor System (TIMS- TMS)
Secure Online Tender Bid Submission (TDMS-SOB)
    This is the 'control and management' module which allows the entire processes and systems to be controlled, monitored and managed. It also generates reports and trend analysis.     This takes care of security, authenticity and accurate submission of actual final bids by contractors. It also handles various documentation types and formats across the internet.

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