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TENDERDIRECT is Malaysia's premier Opportunity and Knowledge platform that provides buyers (owners) and bidders (contractors) an efficient, secure environment for Tendering and Procurement in Malaysia.

TenderDirect  consolidates tender information from the whole government, semi government and private chain into Malaysia's Central Tender Repository,  in order to provide efficiency, transparency and competitiveness to Owners and Bidders in Malaysia and around the world. 

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Tenderdirect.com.my offers:
A Centralized Tender Information and Management System for Owners and Contractors to conduct tendering processes and functions
Full range of tenders from Government, Semi-Government and Private Owners
Relevant and filtered tender notices broadcast to bidders for efficient selection
Education and Resources to enhance contractors competitiveness & efficiency 

TenderDirect for OWNERS
is a software system that provides owners, developers and others to create, advertise and manage tenders in a secure and widely broadcast medium -- the Internet. We call this a web-application. There is nothing to download, no servers to buy, no heavy printing of tender documents. Everything is handled for you in the safest, easiest, fastest way. Owners get a full fledged management software specially tailored for  Malaysian needs.

TenderDirect for CONTRACTORS
is a broadcast system that serves the latest tenders and opportunity through a wide range of media including e-mail, web, fax, phone and pager. Currently, we serve CIDB, PKK and MOF registered contractors as well as suppliers and manufacturers in the building & construction industry.

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