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How It Works
TenderDirect provides owners with applications and tools to manage daily tendering operations. 

Every day, your personnel can enter summary and detail information relating to tenders, pre-qualifications, corrections and awards. These tenders are tracked from the moment they are created and allows management to get  status information anytime, anywhere.

Each tender notice must be  verified by your manager or supervisor before  being posted into the Public Database. In addition, a Digital Certificate (from Trustgate/Verisign) is issued and attached to the tender.  This ensures peace of mind for you and your contractors in knowing that each tender originates from you and has not been tampered with.

When your tender is published, TenderDirect's Broadcast system takes over and sorts, categories and dispatches it to specific or targeted contractors. Contractors can choose to receive tenders by e-mail, fax, wap and web. All done automatically without the hassle and costs of advertising in the newspapers.

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