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TENDERDIRECT is envisioned as a "National Tendering System" providing efficiency, transparency and competitiveness to Owners and Bidders in Malaysia and around the world.

TENDERDIRECT is a Technology and Knowledge platform that provides opportunities to buyers and sellers to do business, especially in the Building and Construction Industry.

Information on tenders and projects which gathered and fed into the TENDERDIRECT Knowledge Bank which will generate macro based reports and statistics for Government planners and decision makers. The Construction Knowledge Bank can provide valuable input into the Information Repository proposed by the K-Economy Council.






Tenderworks began development of a Tender Information System in May 2000 after considerable research of current practices and mechanisms of the Malaysian tendering process as well as discussions with CIDB, JKR, MAMPU and other government agencies






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National Tendering System under E-government flagship

     - One-Stop gateway for Owners and Contractors
     - Government, Semi-government and private sector tender coverage
     - Information and Management System for Owners, Contractors and Government






TENDERDIRECT Sdn Bhd (537748-K)

  Incorporated   26 January 2001  
  Endorsement   MSC Status - Multimedia Super corridor Status  
  Awarded on   2nd January 2001  





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TENDERDIRECT - Malaysia's One-Stop Opportunity Gateway for tenders and projects in the Building and Construction Industry - The National Tendering System.






http://www.tenderdirect.com.my/english -- English Version
http://www.tenderdirect.com.my/bm       -- Malay Version






To become the leading aggregator of projects, tenders and opportunities in the Malaysian Building & Construction Industry.






Provide tools and services that increase and enhance business opportunities for our clients and customers within an interactive and easy-to-use environment.

Implement a business model that innovates with the market, to reach all segments within 5 years and becomes the market leader in Construction Information Management System.

Employ methodologies and statistical models to report on trends and dynamics to aid macro planning.

Exercise sound fiscal management to grow into a public listed companies to provide healthy returns on investments for shareholders and staff

Attract and develop competent employees and partners by creating a unique, workplace and learning environment.


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